Framing and Insulating The Floor in a Vintage Trailer

We left off where we had replaced some of the rotten framing in the walls and on the floor, and here you can see how we re-framed and insulated the floor.

As I mentioned before, the entire rear half of the trailer had been demolished by carpenter ants, so we just started from scratch back there.

This is how we re-framed the floor, with 2 x 4s where there had been 2 by's. The lumber framing crosses over the steel frame of the trailer.

New cross-members, tow-nailed in, for extra support. I wanted this floor to be much sturdier than the original one, which was merely stapled together.

Those white dots on the pink aluminum sheet are where I caulked where the staples used to be. It's not necessarily better to be airtight in the floor, because if any water does leak in from above, you want it to be able to escape and not pool in the floor (which will cause rot).

But I didn't want any water to come up from underneath the trailer during travel, so I sealed off the holes where the staples used to be.


This is the UltraTouch Denim insulation.

What a joy to work with. So easy to use and you don't have to wear a hazmat suit or worry about getting all itchy like with fiberglass.

Thank you for donating the UltraTouch!

Installation was a breeze. I either used the razor knife to cut the batts down to size, or just tore it to the right size with my hands.

That's the little part near the door that needed replacing. I think that spot to the left of the doorway is a very common place to find water damage/rotted wood.

And finally, we cut a new sub floor out of plywood and laid it down.

Everything fit nicely. Under the back hatch, you can see a 2 x 6 on top of the plywood. That is the beginning of the framing for the rear wall, which you'll see in the next post.

Those two bolts that stick up out of the 2 x 6 at about 1/3 and 2/3 across are coming up from underneath the chassis. They are holding the metal trailer frame to the wooden camper frame.

Stay tuned for more progress! Hopefully soon we can have a grand unveiling of the finished interior! As always, thanks for reading :)