Welcome to the NEW CometCamper.com

It's a new year and a brand spankin' new website! Matt and I decided that although we loved the original cometcamper website/blog, the platform it was hosted on was too restricting for our take-over-the-world sized plans. So we've moved to this new set-up! All of the original archives of posts are here too. We'll be blogging on this site from here on out, so join us at our new home on the internet!

What do you guys think? I'm looking for any and all suggestions to make this blog better than the original.

We're still going to be updating you about all of the fun comet camper stuff that's going on day to day, but we're going to be better about keeping you updated each week. I'm committing to post more regularly, that's a promise to you!

Along with all of the usual posts about sustainable design, tiny houses, vintage campers, and COMET progress and happenings, I'm going to be posting more about our adventures in entrepreneurship, creative independent employment, super frugal living, and lifestyle experiences. We've also added some really exciting new stuff to this blog. New things include:

Consulting! Matt and I are now officially available for consulting with you on a whole bunch of topics, just go over to the consulting page for more about this. We're excited to be able to help other people do cool stuff!

E-Courses! Right now we've got our maiden E-Course available, titled "Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course". We're working on a few other e-courses to be launched soon, so check back if that interests you.

And much more, but for now we've got to get this blog into fully-functioning mode. Thank you for reading and make sure to go to the HOME page to sign up for updates. Sign up and get the FREE "Radical Sustainability" E-zine that I created!

I'll check in soon! This is the first post on this new blog platform and I'm still working out the kinks, so thank you for sticking with me.

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