Thor Harris tells you "How To Live Like a King For Very Little"

When a man wearing witch hat tries to tell you something, it means that you should listen.

This man, Thor Harris, who I know nothing about at all until I came across his nifty little list/rant, has earned my respect and a big thumbs up. His advice is all the things I try to tell people, all the things that seem so obvious, but I always tend to say it in a nice way, so that no one gets uncomfortable. He just kind of yells at your face!

I'll let this guy knock some sense into everyone! I know my readers (you guys) are already hip with this stuff, so I hope it makes you giggle.

My favorite nugget from this list is:

7.  Learn to fix things.  Tons of great books and youtube vids on fixing anything. Or ask an old dude. People used to fix things.  No shit.

and I also enjoy:

20. Don’t get cable. Asshole. There is nothing on. I promise. $100 a month ? Fuck no!

Also, I agree with him about the whole kids thing. It's an unpopular thing to say, but it's a paradox to me that having a kid potentially destroys the planet so that your kid can't breathe normal air on it. We need to fix a lot of things before we can ensure a safe, healthy future for the next generation.

What do you think? Is this list too harsh? Kinda rude? I like it, but let me know in the comments!