Hello 2014

For my birthday, Matt took me to the largest waterfall in Massachusetts. We hiked to it in the falling snow and it was beautiful! It's called "Bash Bish Falls" named after a ghost woman who told her daughter to kill herself by jumping from the top. Pretty neat!  

For my birthday, Matt took me to the largest waterfall in Massachusetts. We hiked to it in the falling snow and it was beautiful! It's called "Bash Bish Falls" named after a ghost woman who told her daughter to kill herself by jumping from the top. Pretty neat!


I’m not a big fan of goals. I actually really hate the idea of “goals”. Part of me is scared to say my hopes and wishes (goals) out loud for fear of not following through, or failure. But mostly, I just think that “goals” are not as helpful as most people tout, that they are arbitrary and can actually hold us back from finding our potential if we “stick to our goals”. You never know what’s going to happen, and I like to be able to roll with whatever comes my way.

That being said, I have some things I’d like to do this year and some things I’d like to explore more. Some of it is blog-related, some of it is personal, some of it is just life.

Blog related, I want this newly designed blog to be one of the best tiny vintage trailer and lifestyle blogs you read. I want to write a little bit every day. I want to publish posts for you twice a week, and stick to that schedule. I’m thinking Monday and Thursday would be good days, but I haven’t decided. Basically, I want this new blog to be an opportunity for me to “go legit” and be more diligent about keeping you updated on all of the weird little details that are going on. Not just camper-related, but in life and work and beyond.

Over the last few months it just dawned on me real slowly: I have a lot more to share with you guys than just pictures of the progress of the COMET camper. I have experiences in all the other aspects of my life that might interest you as well. Like, how do I go to college full-time, while earning a real degree (not through an “online college”) without ever setting foot in a classroom and learning solely through experiences? How do I fund my adventures by buying and selling vintage items? How do I plan to change the world, at least a tiny bit, by inspiring women to do great things? How did I live in a car for 2 months with another person, and why the hell would we choose to do that full-time?

One of my “must-do” items for this year is to graduate college! I am so glad that this adventure is coming to an end. Though I’ve loved my time at Goddard College, I’m ready to start a new phase. I’m ready to focus on applying what I’ve learned the last few years in a full-time way. I know it seems like it shouldn’t be any different from my day-to-day life now, considering I don’t go to a residential school and have complete autonomy over my education, but I think it will feel different. I will no longer have to think of things in terms of “semesters”, and can start more open-ended projects. (haha, just what I need, more projects without deadlines right?!).  I want to iterate old ideas into new ones, without the pressure of an advisor asking “what are you learning here that is new to you?” I will graduate with a degree in Sustainability, with a concentration in Community and Business.

Another thing I’m going to be experimenting with is financial independence and mobile entrepreneurship. Eventually (like this year) Matt and I would like to live full-time on the road (in what capacity, we shall discuss!). We both just really like being on the road for long periods of time (we’ve both toured long distances with our bands, so we kind of got a taste for it early). It doesn’t wear us down, it makes us feel alive. We actually get along better in that tiny space on the road than when we’re at home, kinda bored and wondering what we’re going to do next. The COMET is our home base, but not the best way to travel every day long distances because of gas mileage. It likes to move once in a while then hunker down. But we’re restless. So I ask myself, what does COMET 2.0 look like? Maybe we’ll find out in 2014.

So the next step in our adventure is to find sustainable work that allows us to move around frequently and gives us “just enough” to live with. We’re not out to become millionaires, we just want to be able to have location independence and enough to travel around on a shoestring. For me, the work has to somehow benefit other people and the planet (that “triple bottom line”). That’s just how I’m wired to think, so that’s part of my criteria for developing creative self-employment. We’ll pretty much be experimenting with many different “microbusiness” models, from online-based business, to making and selling our own innovations, to buying and selling vintage items (which I already do on a small scale but would like to focus more on). We’ll be sharing what works and what doesn’t here on the blog. If you’re looking to establish a mobile lifestyle centered around sustainability, you’ll definitely want to stay tuned.

Another important thing for me to do this year is outreach and education. As we did last year and the year before, I look forward to teaching workshops, speaking at classes, doing open houses with the COMET, and getting the COMET Curriculum into more schools. I’m hoping to speak to some younger students this year, as well as college students, who I think would be interested in living rent/debt-free during college. Hopefully my story of alternative education and autonomy doesn’t inspire too many drop-outs!

So what are you excited about this year? Are you going to try something new, work on something, do anything big? Let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year from Mariah and Matt!