Retro Campervan: 1976 Dodge Tradesman 300

Will someone please buy this gorgeous, super-rad campervan so that I can stop drooling over it?

It's popping up in my "camper" Craigslist feed on my phone every day (yes, I have my phone set up to alert me when campers go up on Craigslist near me because you just never know!) and it is driving me insane. It's a 1976 Dodge Tradesman and isn't just fantastic?

I want a retro campervan like this one to full-time in, but Matt wants one more modern so that it's easier to get parts for and fix ourselves. He's so practical, sometimes it drives my retro-addicted self kinda nuts. I'm always like "ooh we should buy this 1920s stove and restore it and use it!" but I know that there are pros and cons to a restoration, more than most I know the cons haha!

Either way, I don't have the cash or TIME to pursue this beauty at the moment, so someone out there looking for the perfect surf-mobile, freedom-machine, what have you - snatch it up! Here's the listing, it's located in Massachusetts.

If it were mine, I'd probably rip the whole interior out and re-do it (the fabric looks kinda gross, I think) and get rid of the bathroom. Who needs a bathroom when you've got the woods all around you?

Here are some photos:


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