Quick way to simplify your phone bill + downsize your expenses

UPDATE: This particular sale has ended. If you're still looking to switch your phone service to save some $$, you can still get $25 Ting credit or $25 off any device from them if you decide to use the links in this blog post.

Well, I just realized that the phone service that I use was having a super sale today and tomorrow (til Dec 1st at midnight) and so I figured I'd share them with you. If you use the link in this post, you get $100 Ting credit or $100 off a phone from them.**Please read the UPDATE above!

Disclosure, these links are affiliate links, so if you decide to click through, I get a small commission for no additional cost. That being said, I use Ting myself because they are freaking awesome (and CHEAP) and I love that when I call for help I talk to a real person, no bullshit.

This post explains how I downsized my expenses and my phone bill. If you're looking to do that too, read on.

Matt and I are always surprised by how much people pay for cell phone service. I think that the biggest barrier to overcome is to realize that paying for a contract cell phone service is much more expensive over the standard 2-year period than just buying your phone outright and paying month to month. For example, when you buy into a cell phone contract, the high price you pay per month for the phone actually subsidizes the cost of the physical phone. So, you might say, “Wow that iPhone is only $99!”. But in reality, you are paying for that cell phone many times over by paying $99/month for your plan for two years.

“Pay as you go” or “no contract” services are becoming increasingly popular as MVNOs (small cell phone providers that use the big name providers’ coverage but offer it to you at a lower cost) are gaining traction. Now big-name phone companies are catching on and offering “pay as you go” plans. In this model, you aren’t locked into a 2 year plan and you can turn off and on your service at any time, with no fee. In the past, I’ve turned my phone off while I was out of the country and didn’t have to pay at all for that month. In another circumstance, I have been unable to pay my phone bill for a few days, but can pay when I am able with no penalty.

When you go “off-contract” with one of these new cell phone companies, like Ting, you buy the phone outright (as in, you pay the actual full-price for the phone, not the subsidized price), but you pay a much lower monthly bill and you only pay for what you use.

For example, you might pay $400 up front for your device, but will only pay $20/month from then on. As an added benefit, you actually OWN that device that you bought outright. That means that you can sell it down the line when you decide to get a new phone, and get back some of your investment.

This is not possible with other traditional contracts, because the company technically owns your phone, you are just “renting it” until they tell you that you can upgrade, and then you must turn in your phone (never to recover any of that cost). I am going to recommend that you use Ting for cell phone service, because that is what I use and I am extremely satisfied (actually, in love) with their service. No, I don't work for them or anything, I just really like their business model. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

A quick cost analysis (actually, the one I did when I decided to move over to my current carrier Ting from Verizon), looks like this (based on the 2 year standard contract period):


Verizon (or other big-name phone carrier)

Phone: $100 (subsidized)
Bill: $80/month

= $2020 for two years



Phone: $500
Bill: $20/month

= $980 for two years


As you can see, this person (well, me!) would save $1040 over two years. You can see what your actual comparison savings would be by going to checking out the Ting savings calculator on their website.

I cannot say enough nice things about Ting. I literally tell everyone about their amazing customer service. I feel like they are my friends! When I call for help, I usually get to speak with the same human being and we always have a nice chat (Matt actually has ongoing inside jokes with his favorite customer service person). Ting is completely unique in that they promise that you will NEVER have to wait on a phone line or speak to a computer.

No bullshit: if you call needing assistance, a friendly, real person answers and helps you out. I have called them a few times and am always blown away with how helpful and nice they all are. It’s just comforting to know that they are real people on the other side of the phone.

They don’t give you any canned answers or talk like robots. I have had very special circumstances before and they have worked their butts off for me. They really go above and beyond. Not to mention, their monthly rates are the most reasonable ones I could find anywhere. I love these guys.

If the idea of switching over to a new phone plan sounds like a hassle, don’t worry. I too was hesitant because I wanted to keep my number and wasn’t sure if it would be too complicated. They seriously made it so easy. It was switched over in minutes. Ting did it all for me. If you have fees associated with cancelling your current contract, Ting will actually pay those fees for you to allow you to come over to them.

If you want to sign up for Ting, you can get a $25 discount (which can be used towards your device/phone, or put towards your monthly bill) by using my referral link right here. I think you’ll be impressed with Ting, especially if you’re coming from a traditional phone carrier. This $100 credit/discount deal is on for the next day (til December 1st at midnight), so if you're on the fence now is a good time to make the switch.** Read below

UPDATE: This particular sale has ended. If you're still looking to switch your phone service to save some $$, you can still get $25 Ting credit or $25 off any device from them if you decide to use the links in this blog post.