No Regrets: Guest post from Troy Koubsky of Less Stuff, More Joy

Today I'm HONORED to share a guest post with you from someone very special. Troy Koubsky is a student in the Tiny Transition and Downsizing course, he was in the very first session over a year ago.

Troy immediately stood out in the group as an incredible source of inspiration, motivation, and support. If you were having a bad day or struggling with downsizing, Troy was there to cheer you on and cheer you up. He quickly became a pillar of the vibrant community we have inside the course.

Now, a year later, I am just completely in awe of the progress and transition Troy has made as a result of doing the course, setting goals for himself, and participating in the community forum. He keeps track of each item he donates and downsizes, inspiring everyone with his photos of progress. Troy is an incredible example of how living simply really is a lifelong process, he continues to curate and refine his beautiful life.

For the past year and a half Troy has remained an integral part of this community we've built in the course, he is an exemplary person and incredibly appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading Troy's post below.

I'll let Troy take it from here.


No Regrets, by Troy Koubsky

Stuff was controlling me, rather than me being in control of it.

This is part of my story with stuff.

I don’t understand myself sometimes and why I need things. I have struggled with the urge to collect stuff from an early age. There is no root person, and activity I feel has caused it to escalate out of control.

Make no mistake, it did get out of control.

A flood of emotion surely comes when I sit here, contemplate the hows, and whys, specifically my journey with collecting.

Was it all greed? Was it the urge and desire for the chase to find and seek the items? Or was it pure mindlessness to acquire? Were they all “great deals”?

I feel it’s a little of all of them and more. I do know one thing, and that is it never ends until something happens.

For me the brick wall was I couldn’t hide and move it around at all. Too much stuff is just too much stuff, and I mentally was ready to admit to myself I am going in the wrong direction. This is not working. This is not good. I lost myself in my home. I lost peace. I lost what is and was important.

I lost myself in my home. I lost peace. I lost what is and was important.
— Troy Koubsky


So a big turning point for me was admitting enough is enough.

I started, by being at the right place at the right time. Without being connected to the “tiny house blog”, I would have never ran across the “Tiny Transition And Downsizing E-Course” . Something clicked for me, and I signed up.

As I reflect during the past and currently, I feel I have accepted my faults and poor choices towards buying stuff I really truthfully never needed. Since completing the class I have a new sense of buying habits.

I am more mindful. I am more at peace with stuff, and most importantly with myself. I realize I can not change the past. I can accept it, be grateful for who I am and what I do have. What I have learned and applied.

Its been one year and two months since starting my intentional journey going tiny, and becoming more mindful. I feel like a new person. I have a changed mindset. Over one year later, I am living with less (a lot less) and happier!

I feel like a new person. I have a changed mindset. Over one year later, I am living with less (a lot less) and happier!
— Troy Koubsky

What was the biggest change agent? The coaching, instructions, and format with the course prompted me to ask questions. Questions that I ask of myself even now:

  • Are you collecting for the wrong reasons?
  • Do you use and enjoy all your stuff?
  • Why do you collect, box, and put into a dark closet?
  • Do you really love it?
  • Why? Why?

This has been and is life changing.

Each month I have been using this change of mind to question many items in my house. Each month I have reevaluated a lot of stuff.

Do I need it? Do I love it? Do I use it?

There has been an internal struggle at times. But the mindlessness of acquiring stuff has been replaced with the mindfulness addiction to purge.

To date I have purged lots of stuff, actually I have kept count and have sold, donated, or recycled over 5741 items.

Oh my how awesome it is to be in this space, in my mind, and house. The house is becoming home again. I wish everyone that struggles with stuff, that they come to this place of less does mean more. That it is complete joy in letting go.

Gratitude, and Action has profoundly replaced Regret, and Indecision.

Yes there was emotional and physical work to do, and it was worth every bit of it.

Are you tired of the piles too? Wishing and hoping for positive change with your stuff?

I highly recommend the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course. You never know, it could be just what you have been looking for. It was for me. Many thanks!

If you are interested you can check out my journal blog at

What is your story with stuff? Tell us in the comments.

Always Forward, Troy



I want to thank Troy for taking the time to share his journey and story here. Definitely check out Troy's blog and enjoy his writing - he's an inspiration!

If you know you need guidance and community to really tackle your stuff and downsize, you should join us in the class!