8 Vintage Trailers That Will Make You Swoon

Finally! An excuse to show you some of my favorite vintage campers that we saw on our #tinyhouseroadtrip.

I typically hate "list" blog posts like this, but I needed a way to show you some of the random cool trailers and campers we saw along the way, in between, and on the road.

All of these photos are mine, I took each one.


1. The Airstream-turned-Teacher's Lounge


We went to Austin to teach a 10th grade engineering class at an all-girls school about ecological vintage trailer restoration. This year, we helped them with this Airstream they renovated into a teacher's lounge.


2. Pre-Restoration 1960's Trailer


I love old trailers, before they get all re-painted and buffed up. I love the fading paint, the original nuances, and the worn look. I think this trailer is gorgeous, even though it needs work. This is an ideal restoration candidate!


3. 1950's Hand-Built Kit Camper


This is one of the campers we saw at the Shady Dell Trailer Court in Bisbee, AZ. This one was so cute, it ended up being my favorite. It is a home-built trailer built from a kit on a tiny 8 foot trailer. It's in great condition inside! This is a trailer small enough that I would be comfortable towing it longer distances.


4. The Pony, Hicksville Trailer Palace


The Pony lives in it's little stable at Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree, CA. She has a nice shady spot out of the desert sun. I love the whole scene - the horse statue, the swing, the barn - this place is just so cool.


5. Home-Built Retro Food Trailer



I actually don't think this one is vintage, it definitely looked home-built in the vintage style. I still think it's great. The place wasn't open, but it looked awesome! I think it was a coffee shop. This trailer is a really good example of how you could build something from scratch that still had that vintage camper charm.


6. Vintage Shasta Compact with wings


This petite little trailer was camping next to us in Portland, OR while we were there for 4 days, though we never crossed paths with the owners. It's a shame, because I would have loved to see the inside. They did a fantastic job restoring it, the camper was mint from the outside. The smaller the better, in terms of towing and gas mileage!


7. A VERY Vintage Caravan


This amazing antique caravan (or sheep's wagon) was seen in VA. It was snowing out and just such a beautiful scene. Though I'd imagine it would get pretty chilly in there, it did look pretty cozy from the exterior! I love the bright green color. I would love to build one of these someday.


8. Vintage Trailer Cut-Aways


Not only do I LOVE cutaways in general, but I am OBSESSED with this ad. The black and neon colors, the starbursts in the background, and 50s styling just make it so wonderful. I love everything about this vintage ad. These trailers are more like houses (mobile homes), but awesome none the less.