Life in a 70 sq. ft. Pop-Up Camper: The Cricket

Camper living inspiration! See what it's like to live in a 70 square foot pop-up camper space. This is minimal living at its finest!


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Today, I'm really excited to be sharing a guest-post with you by Alexis of Alexis is a recent graduate of our Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course.

Alexis and her husband have decided to downsize and travel extensively in the Cricket Trailer - one of my favorite campers! I met with the owner and designer of Cricket Trailers, Garrett, a few years ago on our first Tiny House Road Trip. These are really cool, very innovative campers. I'll hand it over to Alexis, so you can read all about her experience. If you need help downsizing, you can check out the e-course here.

Hello there!

We’ve been dreaming about it for months now, and going through our things in anticipation.

Thankfully, our recent visit to see a Cricket Trailer in person has confirmed our hopes: the green and orange popup will be a great home for me and a very tall guy when we embark on a year of U.S travel.

Towards Life in a 70 sq. ft. Pop-Up Camper | Comet Camper

Because I’m a research maniac, selection of our home on wheels first started with a lot of internet sleuthing, reading about other people’s experiences with vans, RVs, teardrops, and more, looking at pictures and specs.

The Cricket Trailer was a clear standout for many reasons including that it is light, smart, and ultra cool, but we’ve been waiting to see one in person (to seal the deal) since LAST YEAR.

Crickets are less common on the east coast (so far – I know they will catch on) and the one family in Massachusetts that the company could refer us to had put theirs away for winter when we reached out.

By the time we emailed again in the spring, they were already on their way (towing a Cricket called Bluebell) to Jasper, CA by way of Glacier and Banff. Lucky for them, unlucky for us!

We would have found it necessary to visit Houston then (home of the Cricket), but were thrilled to see that Complete Trailers near Denver, Colorado was now selling these very cool trailers, along with a few other dealers in the west.

Cue a work conference and family visit both in Denver, and we were on our way!


Dan, the “Cricket guy” at Complete Trailers, answered our few remaining questions and allowed us to crawl around in the Cricket all we wanted. I also called Princess Trailers in Houston, TX to get their take on things.

To help those of you who think the Cricket could be for you, here is some of what we learned. If you want to know more, write to us! We are so excited about the Cricket and would love to talk.

Towards Life in a 70 sq. ft. Pop-Up Camper | Comet Camper


1 // The Setup

At the front of the Cricket’s layout, at the tallest portion, is the kitchen (counter, storage, sink, fridge - and the shower hose is here too) and plenty of window space. Chris can stand up in the kitchen – all 6’ 3” of him with a little room to spare!

Just behind the kitchen is a 3-in-1 sleeping, living, and storage area. Online we had seen two setups, a folding couch and a v-berth, and we were having trouble deciding which would suit us best. Dan informed us (and Cricket confirmed) that the v-berth is now the only option, due to its overwhelming popularity.

The v-berth converts between bench style seating with a table, and a queen size (at its widest) bed. We liked the relative roominess of this sleeping option but weren’t sure if it would be comfortable for day use – until we got to sit in one. It turns out that leaning against the interior wall is plenty comfy and the wall-to-wall bed creates a cozy nook with a nice big opening at the back end of the trailer.


In the pictures above, the Cricket has two children’s beds installed in the ceiling… they drop down for use. We plan to order the Cricket without them to provide a little extra headroom. We’ll also be able to strap some of our things to the laser cut aluminum frame using bungees.


2 // A Subaru Outback

A big appeal of the Cricket is that it is lightweight (1,460 lbs. unloaded) and has great ground clearance (10.5 to 12”). We knew that the Cricket is within the tow range of Chris’ Outback but we still wondered how well it would work. Would the car be laggy?

Turns out that (according to Dan) Garrett himself, the Cricket inventor/owner, designed it for and pulls his with an Outback. That was comforting because we get a good feeling about Garrett’s design and general sense. The trailer also has a brake controller to save wear-and-tear on the vehicle.


3 // Ordering

Both dealers suggested ordering the Cricket two months ahead of your “wish date.”

That puts our order right around the new year (building in a little extra time, as we’d like to do the inaugural trip home in the late winter/early spring and then head out a couple of months later).

Until then we will be dreaming, clearing, and getting ready to go!

If you are curious about our preparations (so much to learn!) or explorations (as we go and see and do!) follow us by visiting Thanks for reading, I enjoyed our visit!


This is a guest post written by Alexis of Curious Crickets. Alexis and her partner Chris are preparing for a year of land-based U.S. travel and blogging about their explorations at

As part of their preparations, Alexis was a student in ourTiny Transition and Downsizing e-course.


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