Guest Post: The Reason for a Tiny House


This is a guest post written by Linda B. of Land Lost Sailors. Linda is a current member in the CometCamper Tiny Transition and Downsizing Course, and she volunteered to share her tiny house story on the blog today! Thanks Linda!


Let me introduce ourselves we are Dorwin and Linda a newly retired couple.

Do to the losses of each other spouses we spent time on our own, then after while we decided to join forces. With the rising cost of living separately on our own, we came to the conclusion that house sharing would be in our best interest.

As we having been renting for the past 7 years and getting tired of the cold winters in Ohio, we decided to take a look at other options that will be cheaper than the way we are going now. The cost and endurance of taking care of our rented house has become more difficult. So we decided to take a trip this past February down to Florida & Georgia to check out houses and lay of the land. Since we have family in GA we decided on residing there.

After checking out various homes for sale within our price range, (for a retired couple that is living on a very modest budget), we realized homes that are in our price range, would require an exuberant amount of money to fix & repair these homes. And to go into debt for a house or property was not in our chosen life style for us.  

A couple of years ago we bought a Mallard travel trailer with the idea of converting it to a work shop for Dorwin. Also, we had purchased fiber glass panels and materials to start the construction of the work shop.


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Then an idea came in to play, how about building a travel trailer? We bought plans for a travel trailer, but the idea just kept bouncing around in our minds because building a trailer out of 1-1/2’ x 1-1/2’ lumber didn’t meet with Dorwin's standards.

After our trip down south, I was web searching and came across an article from  and so I did some investigation. After looking at pictures and prices, I thought now that is the way to go! I told Dorwin, if you build me a house like this I will live in it. The looks of a tiny house compared to a travel trailer is different as night & day.

The Tiny houses have more of a homey feeling to us and still be able to take your home with us.   

By moving to GA on his daughter's property (she almost has 2 acres of land), we will save money and be able to live out our retirement without being in debt. Dorwin is handy with cabinetry, wiring, and plumbing, fiber glassing and knowing that he has some experience in building boats, trailers, sheds and many others items.

He figured that he could tackle this without any reservation. We already have the trailer which is 22’ x 8’ to start our project so there is nothing to stop us.

The transition of moving into a Tiny House is going to be the ideal journey for our retirement, along with not being bogged down with any debt.

To live in a comfortable means and also be able to enjoy our sailing, gardening and having free time for each other.

Please go check out our blog site at we have pictures of the construction of our tiny house, which we have named the Mica.   We aren’t half way through our first Tiny House that we are looking forward to building our second Tiny House!


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